Peace out America ✌🏼

Well I sit here on the plane that is just a few hours from touchdown in Tokyo and can now say I finally felt those euphoric, excited, and so many more positive emotions washing through me!!! I loved that the young Japanese woman who was sitting next to me did some quintessential Japanese moves that made me smile and bite my lip from not laughing out loud. She first put on her face mask for germ protection, then rolled compression leg socks on (ankle to top of thigh- no lie), and has been watching only Disney movies for this entire 12 hour flight. It’s really the little things that can remind you of your love for another place that definitely holds and will always hold a piece of my heart and soul.

Have you guys heard Macklemore’s song “Glorious”? It popped up on my ipod (yeah I am old school like that πŸ’πŸ») when I was flying from PDX to LAX and I decided it’s my personal anthem for the next year. As it was playing the sun was slowly rising through the clouds with a spectacular pink tinge and it all gave me goosebumps and I may have had shed a few tears of happiness. Listen to the song and if you watch the music video (yes, they still make those) it may make you shed a tear because the video is so sweet and a heart tugger. 

Please focus on the sunrise and not on the dirty window

I was contemplating what I want this blog to look like and I think it may end up being a bit all over the place, so I hope to keep you entertained, share my adventures with me, and promise to be completely transparent. Most of those who know me know that I am honest to a fault and this can ruffle feathers. Know that I try my hardest to never say anything out of spite or to hurt anyone. I will promise to be completely authentic to who I am and will not shy away from revealing the real me, even if some of you may not like that. I can confidently say I am a work in progress with a lot to learn and soak up, but I fucking love who I am and will no longer be living in any other way. This also will put me in a bit of a vulnerable position as I am a pretty private person and will be sharing things I usually would not, but I am sticking to writing what I feel at the moment and not hiding it.

I know many have wondered why I am doing this and it’s not a simple and concise answer. I don’t feel like I am on a journey to discover myself as I don’t feel as if I lost who I am, but I know this journey will change me into a different person than who I am today and I am interested to discover who she will be. I will confess that “Eat, Pray, Love” has been a favorite book of mine since it came out and I promised myself after reading it that I would someday do a similar journey. 

I am excited to explore and act on my curiosity for cultures, people, and countries unlike my own. I excel at making my life as difficult as possible and pushing myself outside my normal comfort zones. A time to slow down and remember what it feels like to really live, love, and engage in life again instead of going through the same repetitive motions day after day. 

After spending years working as a financial planner and listening to so many of my clients life stories on both travel and tribulations, I decided there was no time like the present to go. It completely goes against everything I know as a financial planner to spend a good chunk of my life savings on this while simultaneously not having any income, but I also know that money comes and goes and I couldn’t let that stop me. Over the past few months when I have told people what I am doing I have received so many interesting responses, but the main one was “oh I could never do that because x, y, or z”. Well I am here to challenge you- you may have zero ambition to do what I am doing and that is fine and is also what makes us all interesting individuals. But I guarantee you do have something or somethings you really want to do, but are being held back by the excuse monster. Kick the monster in the dick and start working towards that dream/goal/aspiration. I promise to be your cheerleader for whatever you decide to do πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ! 

Just landed and had to visit the ladies room and this made me giggleπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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