Wow I am so behind on blogging for numerous reasons🙈. One, I have been having an amaaaaazing time in New Zealand and moving from one place to the next pretty much everyday or every other day. I have been spending a ton of time on the Stray bus which is a hop on/hop off bus that travels all over both the North and South islands. Two, you wouldn’t believe how unconnected New Zealand is with wifi and phone service. I have seen the dreaded “no service” icon in the upper left hand corner of my phone more in the last few weeks than I have ever back in the States. It’s both a good and bad thing to be this unplugged, but it has also led to my blog behind way behind. And lastly, the blog entry below is on my visit to Hiroshima and it has pretty much created a block as there is so much I want to say, but it’s really hard to put into words what an impactful and challenging experience this was. So here it goes…

This was my first time traveling to Hiroshima and what an incredibly challenging, yet profoundly important place to visit. I have previously visited the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and it was horrific to see the damage done by a single bomb. The devastation that was caused not only that single day, but the aftereffects which are still around even to this day. I know all of the arguments that people make as to why it made sense to create such utter destruction, but I think once one has been to Nagasaki or Hiroshima and walk through the museums you will find zero rational as to why this catastrophic weapon was deployed. 

As hard as it is to walk through the memorial and read, see, and listen to what happened, I find it really important to have the experience to remind ourselves why this should NEVER happen again. I felt such a deep sense of shame and horror as an American walking through the museum knowing that my fellow countrymen caused this atrocious mass killing and also knowing that we currently have a President who isn’t against nuclear arms scares the living shit out of me. I hope and pray that we will never use such weapons again.

One of the most impactful parts of the museum to me was a video that showed Hiroshima town before and after the bomb dropped. I took a video of it as I thought it was so important to show you all what I watched:

Another deeply moving part of the museum were the firsthand accounts from the victims of that day. Hearing their stories left me with a pit of dread in my stomach and most definitely a tear stained face. I was shocked that they were able to tell their stories of such tragedies and do it in a way where it seemed like they were so removed from what they were saying. I wonder if it’s from telling their story numerous times or if they have to detach in a way to make it bearable if that makes sense. Either way, I am so grateful to those who took the time to tell their story of such a tragic event in their life as we all know it’s stories that are most impactful. 

I am keeping this one short as I don’t feel I have adequate words to explain what I thought and felt that day 💗.

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