Aloha! Undoubtedly you have reached this page after googling something like “most badass chick ever” or “what kind of crazy person take off to travel the world for a year in their 30’s” or something else along these lines. Whatever it is that led you here, I am excited to share my adventures with you and hope they bring you laughter, entertainment, and a push to begin your own adventure sooner rather than later…

A little more background in case you are interested:

  • Name: Corey Beal
  • Born: In the best decade ever to be raised as a child (aka 80’s baby!)
  • Places I have lived: Haiku, HI > Corvallis, OR > Tokyo, Japan > Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria > Bremerton, WA > Portland, OR
  • Places I plan on playing in over the next year in travel order: Japan, New Zealand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Bali.
  • Warning: I feel like if you are here because you know me this should be obvious, but in case it’s not I want to give you fair warning that I am honest to a fault, but never do so with ill intent to anyone (other than to myself) and that I do tend to favor cursing (sorry Ojiisan, coworkers, and clients).
  • Current # of tattoos: 8 or 12 depending on how picky you want to get (sorry again Ojiisan, coworkers, and clients!)…but this count will definitely be increasing along this adventure
  • Why?: This is the single biggest reaction I have received from people when I tell them I am quitting my very stable, enjoyable, and rewarding career as a Portfolio Manager/Certified Financial Planner with a top Registered Investment Advisory firm in Portland, OR. I totally get it, it does seem a bit crazy to take an adult “gap” year in your 30’s when your are in the prime of your career in a position and at a firm that many would love to be at. But after going through some pretty heavy shit over a short amount of time including, but unfortunately not limited to: having my marriage of 11 years fall apart and going through a divorce (which is pretty much the worst thing ever fyi/heads up), living on my own for the first time in my adult life (yea, don’t get married young y’all), selling and moving out of the first home I bought, a pretty big health scare, an Uncle passing away from lung cancer (whose life motto was “live each day as if it’s your birthday”), and a handful of other life curve-balls…I decided that it would be even crazier to not do something pretty crazy and life changing  NOW. So here we are, getting to know each other just a bit better before I depart on 9/25/17 to travel around the world for at least a year…